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In praise of HabitRPG

I am really liking HabitRPG. For those of you who don’t know, it gamifies the process of getting chores done. You put in habits you’re trying to reinforce, daily routines you want to get in, and items on your to do list, and it gives your avatar points when you complete them and takes away health when you fail to. When you’re doing well on a particular habit or routine, it goes from yellow to green to blue, and when you’re doing poorly it turns red.

It turns out I really like being able to click off those little boxes that say I did something. I think it speaks to the same part of me that noting my doings on my Accomplishment Chart does. So I’ve found it very helpful in getting me back on track with my chores. I’m usually pretty on top of responsibilities and tasks, but since my mom died I kind of fell out of my good habits, like regular housecleaning. I’ve always responded to regiment, and this adds another layer of it without excessively corralling my life. HabitRPG has gotten me motivated, perhaps to better effect than ever. Right now I’m using it to keep the house clean, exercise, eat right, and various other forms of taking care of myself.

I’m a creature of pretty extreme habit. Once I get into a groove, good or bad, it’s hard to shake me from it. So I’m trying to use it to get into certain good habits that have been historically hard for me to establish. My acne, for example, has been even worse than usual lately and I’d love to find some way to make it go away. I’ve never found anything that’s really effective but I admittedly have never stuck with any treatment for long. I’m hoping HabitRPG will motivate me to get me to use my medicated scrub and moisturizer on a regular basis. I’ve managed to make it a week so far, so let’s hope it helps me stick with it.

I really recommend HabitRPG if you need a better way to get things done. It keeps them in the forefront of your mind, and incentivizes your doing them.


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