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Pushing on with projects

Overwhelmed and not doing so well. Negative, pessimistic thoughts have been pretty intrusive lately. I'm trying to keep working on the projects that are important to me, as productivity usually helps me feel better and the only way to ever get through is to persevere, but I'm feeling a bit discouraged and directionless. Maybe laying them out to make a plan will help focus me.

I have to finish my edits for resubmission to the BlueCat screenwriting contest. I think Adonis is finished, but I'm still working on The Tailor at Loring's End. At least I feel like I have a direction to go in on it, so I should be able to execute something. I just hope I've grasped what the contest feedback is asking for, and can make edits that sufficiently address it.

I have got to work on Puzzle House Blues, but I feel so paralyzed about it. My collaborator has not liked the direction I'd taken it in, and I really don't know how to give him what he wants. I feel like anything I try, either I'll hate it or he will, so what's the point? It's left me feeling very avoidant. But my struggling has kept him waiting for weeks now, so I need to get on it.

I've been noodling a bit on that Cabin Pressure fan fiction I started during 31 Plays in 31 Days. I want to finish it before the last episode of the show is released, though it's certainly not something that should be a high priority. It's hard to write because I want to it be funny and feel like a real episode. But it's just a stupid fan fiction, so I feel like I can't justify the effort when I have more important things to write. It'd be nice to just bang something out and not subject it to a big stressful editing process, though I know it won't be as good that way. It'd just be nice to have something to shoot out to a pre-existing fan community and maybe get positive feedback on.

I'd been hoping to at least start working on Base Instruments before the end of 2014. It would be good to keep up the one-Hawking-story a year thing. I don't know if I will have the time to get to it, though. I suppose pushing it off by a few months isn't too bad, but I do want to keep them up. Also it's becoming clearer and clearer that I may have to address the form in which these stories are told-- they may need to not be theater pieces in order to really progress in the world --and I may want to decide on that before I start writing anymore.

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