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 For my internship, our next little video is going to be a parody of The Dark Knight. And who gets the honor of doing a Ledger-riffic rendition of the Joker? Ah, yeah, that's right. Jared is in the process of coaching me on my voice. It's not much at the moment, but we're working on it. I relish the acting challenge of trying to get down that voice and those mannerisms. Jared has a real talent for voices, so he can toss off a half-decent impression like it's nothing, but I have to work a little harder. I've got two weeks to practice, so I better make them count.

Speaking of acting, it looks at if there will indeed be a show for Hold Thy Peace this semester. The lovely Miss Frances Kimpel is going to be directing King Lear, and I am quite excited and intrigued. I shall be manning the Hold Thy Peace table at the activities fair this coming Sunday, and I encourage as many people as possible to audition. I plan on acting in it myself. Jared will either be acting or doing something on the production end of things, though I personally think that he would be of most assistance sharing his talent as an actor. I'd gladly take on any role, but I think being Edmund the Bastard might be fun. I've always been fond of that character. We'll see.

On an unrelated note-- one probably only Brandeisians, and a handful of them at that, will get --I love the way Ramie Targoff, the Shakespeare teacher, dresses. She's like the English professor equivalent of Lilith Sternin. She's cute in an impeccable, rigid sort of way.


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Aug. 29th, 2008 08:58 am (UTC)
Ledger worked for months to perfect that voice. I haven't seen anyone get it too good, but a few of my friends say that I have the best so far. I suggest starting with the "I just want my phone call." line and then working up to the "Why so serious!?!" one. It's a very hard voice to pull off.

And gaw! King Leer! That is by far my favorite Shakespeare play! I love The Fool for many many many reasons. I may come and see, but I told myself that I'm not making as many trips to Brandeis anymore (at least there will be no BSCF ones besides tonight). By the way, I'm already back in Troy~ :-P
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