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Flowers at Illyria

My daylilies are growing up nicely.

They've been in the ground since June 15th, so that makes a little over two and a half months. They've gotten a lot fuller since the last time I checked in with them, and they've been very healthy and easy to care for, needing a little pruning of dead leaves. One of them is even starting to branch out into other clusters. When the first one sprang up I thought it was a little weed that blew into the pot at first, but when I bent to pull it I saw it was a new plant springing from the same bulb.

Also, the daylilies may not have bloomed yet, but the kitchen has flowers in it. bronzite very sweetly brought nennivian flowers, and she put some of them in a lovely arrangement in a vase on the table. The kitchen is my favorite part of Illyria, so it made smile to see how cheerful they made the place when I came home yesterday.


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Sep. 8th, 2012 04:35 am (UTC)
My daylillies didn't end up so good, sadly.
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