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You know, I kept telling myself once November hit, things were going to ease up for me. But I realize it's not really like that at all. I have to finish writing Break a Leg for SLAW this coming weekend, and then get prepared to shoot the images for my graphic novel Lame Swans. I meant to get all the sheets for Break a Leg completed by last night, but as SO OFTEN HAPPENS, as soon as I RESOLVED TO SPEND ALL WEEKEND WORKING, I came down with a killer head-splitting migraine. Probably due to my stress over getting things done, I get a migraine, which prevents me from getting things done, which increases my stress over getting things done. And so I become more prone to migraines.

I have only three more sheets to go, and they're all pretty short for a short game, so I know I will be able to finish by tonight and send them out. They'll be quick reads, and they got costuming hints weeks ago so they should have been able to prepare. It'll be okay.

I'll just have to power through, as I am ready to switch gears. I don't have time not to. Shooting for Lame Swan begins this Wednesday night, and I still have a lot of prep to do. I have to make my shot list based on the models I will have present, which will take time, and gather the last few costume pieces I need. Hopefully without spending any more money. I have poured too much into this already, so I'm going to scrounge for what I can borrow and fake. Fortunately my models and assistants are being incredibly accomodating, so thank God for them. Every little bit helps.

My stress level is high. I am accomplishing a lot of cool things, things I'm proud of, but there's been no respite, no release of all the tension. I have to keep going, but I've also got to find some way to chill out. I don't know how much longer my system can take all this cortisol before I crack.

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