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I just wrote a scene and I freaking love it.

Dolls That Say "I Love You" on Command

(SAM, a troubled former FBI agent, walks down the street. She grips her purse uncomfortably and hurries along. Soon she comes across a park bench where a little girl in a frilly dress sits, holding a baby doll and smiling at her. She recognizes this as a form of SARIEL, her guardian angel.)

SAM: Oh, Jesus.

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Hi, Sam. I’m surprised to see you out and about. Since you think so little of these imperfect creatures God made.

SAM: Oh, save it.

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: No, our conversation really got me thinking. It’s a good question, why God would make you all so full of sin and so prone to rejecting Him and all his love.

SAM: I’m not up for a deep theological discussion right now, okay?

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Okay, okay. But don’t go. Since we ran into each other, you might as well come hang out a while.

(Sam looks around nervously to see who might be watching.)

SAM: Why do you show up like this? Why a little girl?

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Because it means people are a lot nicer to me when I want to sit around and play with dolls.

SAM: People see me talking to you, they’re going to think I’m a kidnapper or something.

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Oh, don’t worry what other people think for five minutes, okay? Just sit down.

(She sits on the bench beside him.)

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Check this out.

(He tips the doll forward and back. Its recorded voice box says, “I love you!”)


SAM: So?

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: So, they make these baby dolls who say “I love you.” Whenever you want, they just say it to you. It’s a present for you.

SAM: For me? Why?

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: You know, since Chris and all.

SAM: Is this a joke?

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Well, you were really broken up about having been left by the person who loved you.

SAM: What? Oh, Jesus!

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: I thought this might fill the void.

(He proffers the doll, making it say "I love you" again. She shoves it back at him.)

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: What? It doesn’t?

SAM: You’re an asshole.

LITTLE GIRL SARIEL: Oh, I’m sorry. You mean to say, a doll that’s built to say “I love you” on command isn’t worth the same as a creature of free will who loves you of his own accord?

(Sam turns to stare at him, disturbed. Little Girl Sariel makes a snotty face and spreads his hands.)


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Thank you!
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