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Family week for Thanksgiving

Now that I have sent in the Mrs. Hawking revision, that means I have no more, or minimally more, writing assignments for the rest of the semester. You have no idea how relieved I feel to be able to rest, especially in the wake of a week where my car wouldn't start at one in the morning and my bank card number got stolen and I'm still waiting to get the money back. I need a break from the stress. Today I plan to go home and do nothing except go to ballet class, maybe take a nap and watch some stupid TV. It was be luxurious, though I may not be fully conscious enough to enjoy it.

My parents are coming to visit on Sunday. They will be here with me for a couple of days, then we will all drive home to Allentown for Thanksgiving and the rest of the week. I suggested this is a way to extend our time together, as I can't leave until Tuesday, and this way we can spend the whole week with each other. I'm counting the minutes to when I get to go home, as I will have nothing to do except eat, and hang out with the parents, and eat some more.

What's cool is they are going to help me with my Monday photo shoot for Lame Swans. We're going to pick up my brother and have dinner together, then everyone will help me out. Every member of my family has more photography experience than I do. My mother studied it in art school, and Casey was a photography minor at Emerson and has a professional camera. It'll be nice to have more experienced eyes than mine to help me get good shots. I just need to make sure I have everything in order, amidst my attempts to finally relax.


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Nov. 15th, 2012 05:42 pm (UTC)
I have a fancy camera if you'd like to borrow it for you shoot, m'dear. Only one problem: I don't know how to use half the features!

But it has a better focus and whatnot. It's not an SLR or anything, but I've found it better than my point'n'shoot.
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