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RFI Episode 25

I got to be a guest on a really fun episode of john_in_boston's excellent Roll For It! podcast this past week. It was on a subject that is near and dear to my heart, the relationship of Batman and his faithful butler Alfred-- specifically, whether or not Mr. Pennyworth was a good parent to his tragically damaged young charge. I have pretty passionate feelings on the subject, as the relationship is one of my favorite parts of the Batman story, so I could not have been more excited that John so kindly gave me the chance to talk about it. This one came out pretty damn good, so give it a listen if you'd be so kind. John was especially cool to let me plug my (admittedly Batman-inspired) play Mrs. Hawking, and even gave it his own personal endorsement. :-)

As you may notice in the graphic, since I have appeared on more than three episodes, I have an avatar on the RFI! web site. I'm sure it surprises no one that I'm wearing a batsuit in it, given how often I bring the discussion back around to my beloved Batman. Still, though I don't think it looks much like me in the face-- the nose is all off --I am pleased to be represented.

Which reminds me. I never plugged the third episode I was on. That was called "Sidekick Endangerment," and was on the topic of whether or not sidekicks really make sense for comic book superheroes in the modern era. Besides "Alfred," this is my favorite episode I've been on, as I think the discussion is both interesting and extremely funny. We get into a lot of narrative theory as well as some social metacommentary! As much as I love just plain geekery, when you get into serious artistic crniticism it makes it all the more interesting for me.

I think John and his boys are doing some good work on this project, so check it out! Particularly the episodes I'm in. :-)

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