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Making robes and altering dresses

I had the first session of the new sewing class I'm taking at The Boston Vintage Factory this Tuesday, and it went well. This class is about making a kimono robe out of silk satin, and practicing the skills of working with difficult, unforgiving fabrics, setting in sleeves, and making French seams. I've not done much of any of those, and I'm excited to get the chance to learn them.


Speaking of robes, I've been thinking about another possible sewing project along those lines. I really loved the patchwork housecoat that Bilbo wore in The Hobbit movie. It looked homey, comfortable, and luxurious all at the same time, and I think replicating it might be a fun project. Not sure it's something I'd ever wear myself, but laurion suggested it might serve as a bathrobe, and I suppose I could always just give it to somebody if I decided I didn't want it. I don't know much about quilting, which I would have to figure out if I were to undertake such a thing. I have lots of neat fabric scraps that I could make it out of, but I'd have to figure out if they're the right material for the project. I'll have to do some research.


Finally, while searching for a couple of props in a thrift store for a photo shoot I have in mind, I found an interesting dress. It's a fabulously eighties-tastic dress made of forest green stretch velvet and iridescent poly satin. I think it's ridiculously cheesy for a formal dress, but the details about it make me think it has potential as a period costume.


Look at those shoulders, and the silk flowers. Silly in a modern context, but something about it reminds me of a Victorian ball gown, maybe Civil War if you stretch. The bodice is close-fitting, with a full skirt beneath it. Not quite full enough for Victorian, and it only goes down to about tea-length, but I could add another layer of skirt beneath it, maybe gather it up like bunting, to embellish it. Here's a closer look at the bodice.


Potential, right? There's probably other ways I could dress it up too to make it look more period. I think it could be a fun project to turn it into a useable costume. It might come in handy for my photoshoot idea, depending on who it fits, or just for me to use for larping or something.


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Jan. 17th, 2013 06:54 pm (UTC)
Alternative idea: see if we can convince Haz to return from Japan and run her '80s Prom LARP again. It's gotten rave reviews.
Jan. 17th, 2013 08:15 pm (UTC)
Of course, the same actor having played Arthur Dent and Bilbo Baggins, I see him in that robe and immediately wonder where Ford Prefect is.
Jan. 18th, 2013 04:06 am (UTC)
Let's please sew together!
I have a quilting project of my own to work on and a similar green dress that I want to alter. :)
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