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Costuming plans for Intercon M

I now have hints for all three of my Intercon castings, which means it's time to start assembling costumes.

The Serpent's Spiral takes place in 1916 Ireland, and I am playing a slightly flashy, nicely dressed society girl. Not sure I have anything that really looks period. A quick Google search suggests "coat dresses" or thereabouts to me. I may repurpose the pseudo-Victorian dress over a frilly blouse that I wore as Irene Adler. Probably not quite right, but it's a fallback if I can't find anything better that I can throw together.

In Desperadoes Under the Eaves, I am playing a hooker in the 80s. Not sure I have the right pieces for it, but at least I know how I think it should look. Fishnets, short skirt, bustier, maybe a nice hokey jean jacket. Shiny 80s makeup and big hair, teased in a ponytail over my head. Probably will have to buy most of that stuff, but it should be cheap and easy to find.

I like period costumes.

In A Garden of Forking Paths, we're going to be switching between lots of different characters, so costuming isn't going to really be possible. I'll just wear something comfortable and non-distracting.


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Jan. 31st, 2013 07:34 pm (UTC)
Lucky, I've only gotten one of mine. Two have no questionnaires/pre-casting, and one I'm waitlisted for, but two I'm waiting on casting, and one I'm still waiting for a questionnaire.
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