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Accomplishment chart, 3/1 - 3/7

For the week of 3/1 to 3/7:

- submitted my second packet of assignments for the semester
- edited the screenplay of Tailor of Riddling Way
- wrote one side fragment for Break a Leg
- worked on “Ain’t Pity” scene fragment
- 10 blog entries
- 7 daily Hipster Feminist tweets

- went to callbacks for Merchant of Venice
- submitted What Everybody Living Gets for consideration for performance
- submitted The Old House for consideration for performance
- had auditions for Mrs. Hawking reading at Bare Bones
- cast Mrs. Hawking reading at Bare Bones
- auditioned for Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure
- contributed to the fundraising campaign to get my adviser Jami Brandli’s play S.O.E. produced in LA
- invited people to Mrs. Hawking reading at Bare Bones
- saw Hold Thy Peace’s Much Ado About Nothing

- printed the side fragments for Break a Leg
- packed up Break a Leg
- played The Serpent’s Spiral at Intercon M
- played A Garden of Forking Paths at Intercon M
- played Desperadoes Under the Eaves at Intercon M
- ran Agent Bobo of the Resistance at Intercon M
- ran Break a Leg at Intercon M
- won third place in the Iron GM 2013 competition with Agent Bobo of the Resistance
- bid Break a Leg for Intercon N

- Read second half of Equus by Peter Schaffer

- 1 hour-long circuit workout


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Mar. 8th, 2013 05:48 pm (UTC)
Agent Bobo
I'm sad I missed Agent Bobo signups; I forgot all about 2nd sign ups until it was full.
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