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Bruka Theatre reading of... something?

Thursday night I was happy to see that I got an email from the Bruka Theatre in Nevada, one of the places to which I've sent scripts, telling me they liked my ten-minute play submission and would like to include it in their upcoming evening of staged readings. The only thing is, they never mentioned the name of the script, so I'm not a hundred percent sure which piece of mine they liked!

Most of the submissions I make are by e-mail, so when I get a response that's not clear that way, I can just look through my sent mail to see which one I submitted. But I remember I had to mail in a hard copy of this script, and while I write down when I submit which piece in my accomplishment chart, I don't take note of where they go. I sent an email to the Theatre saying thank you, could they please remind me which piece it was, but I haven't gotten an answer yet. So I decided to do some detective work. The names of the pieces in the reading weren't on the website, but the submission period of the call was. So I looked at my accomplishment charts for the weeks during that period and saw I had submitted four pieces for readings in that time. Then I checked my e-mail and saw that three of those four pieces had all been sent to a different theater. Which means that in all likelihood there was only one piece it could be! It appears to be Public Enemy, which coincidentally is being performed this weekend in New York as part of Thespian Production's Theater Madness. I like that piece, and am including it in the full-length play I'm writing for my thesis, so I'm happy to see people are responding to it.


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