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Writing-related chores

Thanks so much to everyone who offered supportive words the other day, I'm really grateful to everyone for reaching out. I'm still feeling discouraged about my thesis, but I'm taking a little mental break from it to see if I can buck myself up. Still, always plenty of writing-related chores.

Besides my thesis, which I will return to in some form shortly, I also have to outline my seminar. It's about taking the practical concerns of theatrical production in mind when you're writing a play, or, in other words, being aware that actors can't change clothes in zero seconds and if somebody carries a prop on, somebody's going to have to carry it off again if you don't want it to stay onstage. These things are less obvious than you might think if you're not thinking too hard about it while writing.

I need to finish the character sheets for the two new PCs in Break a Leg. Also I need to add in references to those characters in the other sheets. Then they need to get sent out. Castings and costuming hints have already gone out, so people have plenty of time to prepare, but sheets need to get done too.

I'm also going to be helping run The Prince Comes of Age at Festival, so I'm reading the sheets to familiarize myself with the game. I've gotten through a few, and they are fun to read, but I've got a lot left.

I've also scheduled the second run of The Bloom of May. I've got to cast it and get the sheets out for that too. Shouldn't be too hard with only five players and just using my best judgment rather than questionnaires. I also want to write out a complete GM's guide for this at some point, but of course there's no rush on that so it's not a big priority.


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