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God. I am tired. Been running around, doing work and chores, doing homework. This is a rough week. Not bad, full of good things in fact, but demanding.

Earlier this week I had my reading of The Triumph of Law on Williamstown, MA public access TV. That went really well. The actors did a very good job with the material, though they took it in a slightly different direction that I imagined. I had thought the educated-lawyer character would be the cooler head while the old-fashioned plantation owner would be more fiery and uncontrolled, but it kind of emerged the other way around-- it seemed more natural that the lawyer, who was in conflict with his son, ended up being more passionate, while the plantation owner, accustomed to always being the master of his domain, would not be so easily roused. Interesting how these things develop in the process! We talked a bit about the process and where it came from in the writing, and even a bit about Mrs. Hawking! I tend to like writing period pieces, so they have some interesting challenges that I found have emerged in my work on them. The only part I didn't like was the driving, about six hours round trip.

Today I went on the BC radio show to talk about some upcoming events at Zero Point. I was a bit nervous, as my boss the artistic director wasn't able to be there at the last minute, and I was a little afraid I wasn't sufficiently familiar with the information. But according to my parents, who tuned in at home, I spoke well and sounded pretty good, like I knew what I was talking about. I just hope I got all the facts right! It's nice, though, to be trusted to represent things even though I've only been with them for a week.

And now I'm going to the last rehearsal for my reading of Mrs. Hawking. We have done every scene, and I'm very happy with them all, but we've yet to do everything in sequence. So we shall hear the whole show together tonight. Plus we'll be adding in the "blocking." If you've ever seen a live presentation of a radio play, and they had the actors in the scene step to the front of the stage while those "offstage" returned to the back, you know what it will look like. I'm confident they will pick things up quickly, they've all done such an excellent job so far. Be sure to join us tomorrow night at 8PM at 6 William Street in Somerville!

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