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Home, but not easily

Casey and I are both home in Allentown, Pennsylvania now, but it was not an easy trip. First, after leaving at 8am, it took me an hour and a half to pick Casey up in Boston, thanks to all the detours and blockades. Then on the highway in Connecticut we nearly got slammed by a crazy driver, and Casey had to drive pretty crazily to avoid him. We didn't get hit but we skidded off the road into a sidebar, and one of our tires was screwed up somehow, how we didn't know. I can only conclude that between today and yesterday, Casey is now in some twisted real-life version of Final Destination. It does not bode well for him, nor she who had to sit in that car beside him.

We managed to limp off the road, and fortunately there was a body shop just couple of blocks away from where we landed. An extremely helpful mechanic told us that the tire had just popped off the wheel. He rolled it away and reinflated it and put it back in place for only ten bucks. For being so helpful in getting us back on the road so quickly and cheaply, I gave him all the money I had my wallet is a tip. Still, we didn't get home until 4 o'clock on the dot, which meant eight hours of driving for me.

At least we're home now. Tomorrow I will till a garden and see a movie and learn to roast a chicken, but tonight I just want to collapse.

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