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Plan for the rest of the semester

I have one more packet of assignments due for this my last semester of grad school before I can get my Masters. My more-generous-than-I-deserve adviser let me scrap my previous project and start something new that I was feeling a bit more. She reacted pretty positively to that, though she does want me to do a fourth revision of my ten-minute play. Grumble. Ah, well, I should just be grateful. Now what I need to do is shoot to get a complete draft of the new play I started just to have a substantive piece to call my thesis. That is a TON of work to do in two weeks, but she basically wants me to just get a first draft into existence, one that works on my weaknesses and doesn't worry so much about the stuff I'm strong on. And I'd be pretty unhappy if I didn't have at least that out of a thesis semester. So I am not going to worry so much about plot, which she says I usually do very well with, probably because I spend so much time working them out. Instead I am going to work on keeping high-stakes conflict going in there, and working more subtext in. Thinking about it, it occurs to me that I tend to like writing conflicts where one person forces another person to talk about something they don't want to talk about. This can be interesting, and can lead to strong conflict, but as my teacher says, it usually results in a very unsubtle, nuance-free interaction. Everybody says exactly what they mean, exactly what they think the truth is. That can come off as heavy-handed. So I guess I should push myself to do something that's hard for me, something that my writing lacks. I'm still a bit nervous about how much I have to do, but at least I'm not as screwed as I thought I was. At least this way, I stand a chance of having a first draft that isn't complete garbage. 

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