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Mrs. Hawking from here onward


For a while now I have been thinking about what to do with my piece Mrs. Hawking. As I've said, I really believe in it and I think it has the potential to go somewhere, but its involved production means it's going to be tough to get someone to put it on as a play. I have a gut instinct that what I need to do is try to get it out there to a wider audience somehow, in hopes that it would get noticed by somebody with more resources than me to help me take it to an even higher level. If I can get it a following somehow, it might strike someone in that position as worth investing in. But I am not sure what I should do as the first step to getting it that following and attention.

I'd love to be able to film it as a web series, doing a live action production to commit to film. bronzite suggested making a couple-minute sample of that film, circulating it around a bit, and then using it as the basis to get a Kickstarter going to fund filming the entire piece. That sounds very appealing, and frankly the cinema probably is the truly correct medium for a story like this. I'm concerned, however, it would be too big a job for someone like me who has little to no film production knowledge or equipment. That would probably be my ideal format, but I think it might be too ambitious for me to do well.

Something else that struck me as I was looking through the pictures from the recent Mrs. Hawking photoshoot parts one and two was to make a graphic novel of it. That would be within my capability, as I learned a lot in the course of doing Lame Swans, and I know I have models that suit the job. :-) My only concern would be that it's not exactly the format I'd ideally imagine the story in, it's meant to be performed. But maybe I could also record an audio component with it, that could be set to play over the images to combine the two. Hmm, that might be interesting...

I've purchased the domain name mrshawking.com with the intention of turning it into the website for this project. There's nothing there yet, but I plan on developing it as soon as I decided what direction I'm going in.

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