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31 Plays in 31 Days: #11 "Onboard"

Another piece with fashion designer Freddy Moreau. I wrote this because I was frustrated that piece number ten didn't really move or add anything to the ideas in the story. This does a touch more.

Day #11 - "Onboard"

FREDDY MOREAU, a fashion designer
HEIDI KLEIN, his client

FREDDY: What’s it like having a famous mom?

HEIDI: Eh. You know.

FREDDY: It’s cool, right?

HEIDI: Sometimes. I’ve been on some pretty bitching vacations while she’s filming on location.

FREDDY: She seems like a cool lady.

HEIDI: Everybody says that.

FREDDY: Don’t you think so?

HEIDI: I don’t know, she’s my mom. Do you think your mom’s cool?

FREDDY: Uh, yeah. Kind of. She’s not, like, hip or anything, but she’s a good mom. She was there for me a lot when pursuing the whole design thing was rough.

HEIDI: That sounds nice. International film stars aren’t at home a whole lot.

FREDDY: Well… more time to throw parties!

HEIDI: Sure. When the nannies weren’t hovering.


HEIDI: Whatever, I’ll write a book about it a make a zillion dollars.


HEIDI: She’s probably going to hate my dress.

FREDDY: O—oh, no. Should— should I—?

HEIDI: No, it won’t be your fault. She hates everything I wear.

FREDDY: Still— if you’re going to be wearing this to her award show—

HEIDI: Oh, changing the dress isn’t going to matter. That’s not her real problem.

(Pause. HEIDI sighs.)

HEIDI: I don’t exactly contribute to the image she likes to project.

FREDDY: Well… you have to be your own person.

HEIDI: Unfortunately I have to deal with her anyway. So I figure, why not just do what I want?


FREDDY: I think I can help you with that.

HEIDI: You do, huh?

FREDDY: I’m onboard. I’m with the program now. Let’s make a hell of a dress.

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