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Day #19 - “Be a Human Being Again”

SAM CAMPION, a federal agent on psychological disability leave

(Wearing her coat with her purse slung over her shoulder, Sam approaches a little café with outdoor seating.)

SAM: Vanessa?

(Sitting a table is VANESSA DAVAN. She is eating a croissant sandwich and reading a newspaper as Sam approaches, but she looks up at the sound of her name. She grins from ear to ear when she sees Sam.)

VANESSA: She lives!

SAM: Technically.

(She sits.)

VANESSA: It’s good to see you. I’m really glad you showed.

SAM: Yeah, well. Thought it might be good to get out a little. Haven’t done it in a while.

VANESSA: Yeah. Haven’t heard from you in a while either. I wanted to check in.

SAM: That’s nice of you.

VANESSA: So… how are you?

SAM: Ah. You know. Surviving.


SAM: Yeah.

VANESSA: Okay. Well, that’s something.

SAM: How about you? How are things?

VANESSA: Well, pretty good! I’ve actually got some good news. I just got the word from the brass that my promotion’s official. They’re giving me my own squad

SAM: Oh, wow. Nessa, that’s great.

VANESSA: Thanks. Took long enough, huh?

SAM: You deserve it. You’re going to do great, I know it.

VANESSA: Thanks, honey. That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about. Sam… how would you like to be on that squad?

SAM: Me?

VANESSA: You’re a good agent. I could use you.

SAM: I don’t know.

VANESSA: Come on. It’s a good way for you to get back into things.

SAM: I’ve never done missing persons before.

VANESSA: You’ve got a solid background in investigation, you’ll pick it up fast.

SAM: I’ve been out of the game for a long time.

VANESSA: Don’t worry, I’ll have your back.

SAM: Vanessa.


SAM: I’m really messed up.


SAM: Most days I’m lucky if I can get out of bed.

VANESSA: Doesn’t that… say something to you? That it’s time that you did something?

SAM: Did something?

VANESSA: You know, made a change.


VANESSA: Don’t think I don’t get it. After what happened to you… you’ve got a right to be messed up. Hell, most people wouldn’t have survived. But it’s been a year. You can’t go on the way you’ve been. You’ve got to get your life back.

(SAM zones out as she speaks. The sound of gunshots and yelling voices gets louder and louder.)

VANESSA: Sam? Sam?

(Vanessa looks at her in horrified concern.)

VANESSA: Are you okay?

(Sam jerks to look at her. The shots and voices stop.)

SAM: No! No, I’m not okay! Do you have any idea what it was like back there? Do you know how many people I killed?

VANESSA: I know. Six—

SAM: Seven!

(Vanessa shakes her head, uncomprehending.)

SAM: If they hadn’t made me, Blake wouldn’t have died either.

VANESSA: You can’t blame yourself for that—

SAM: It doesn’t matter! He’s still dead! They’re all still dead!

VANESSA: I know.

SAM: Then why don’t you get it?

VANESSA: I get that you’re a wreck, Sam. That’s why I’m doing this. You need something to help you out of this. Or else…

SAM: Or else what?

VANESSA: Or else you’ll stay like… this.

SAM: Leave me alone.

VANESSA: I’m trying to help you.

SAM: If you got it, you’d know that you can’t help me.

VANESSA: So that’s it? You’re just… resigning yourself to this?

SAM: Guess so.

VANESSA: That’s disappointing.

SAM: Don’t judge me.

VANESSA: Sure. Call me when you’re ready to be a human being again.

(Vanessa throws some cash down on the table, gathers her purse and newspaper, and storms off.)

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