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The talented iagotolycus is playing Miss Lillian Holland in my reading of Mrs. Loring. She's very likely to be e fan favorite character, as she is the sassy Bohemian dyke who's been in the asylum entirely too long. We came up with what happens after the story, when she finally gets out of the asylum many years later-- which, we think, likely involves her changing her name, moving to Chicago, and opening up a speakeasy during Prohibition that hosts black jazz bands.

If you like the cut of this lady's jibe, you should totally come to the reading. Arsenal Center for the Arts black box, Thursday 8/29 at 8PM!

Day #21 - "The Puzzle House"

LOU AMSTERDAM, the speakeasy owner
ELSIE WASHINGTON, a young singer

(A young black woman in a prim frock approaches a bar in a speakeasy. A white lady dressed in a suit smoking a pipe works behind the bar.)

LOU: Lost on the way to the library?

ELSIE: Beg pardon?

LOU: Or maybe you want the Bible study three doors down.

ELSIE: I thought you served drinks here.

LOU: To grown ups, sure.

ELSIE: Then I'd like a whiskey, please.

LOU: Stiff drink for a frippy thing like you.

ELSIE: I got money, I can buy what I like.

LOU: Right you are.

(She pours the shot, hands it over, and takes the girl's money.)

LOU: You have to forgive me. We don't get too many Sunday school teachers in here.

ELSIE: I'm not a Sunday school teacher. And I'm here for the music.

LOU: That so? You got an ear for the blues?

ELSIE: I want to sing like that.

LOU: Hope your mama doesn't find out.

ELSIE: It ain't so strange. What about you, ma'am? How many white ladies running jazz joints with hooch?

LOU: Fair enough. But I've never been one to do what's expected of me. You know why I call this place the Puzzle House?

ELSIE: 'Cause you spent time there?

(ELSIE grins. LOU nods very seriously. ELSIE's expression grows a little disturbed.)

ELSIE: No kidding?

LOU: No kidding.

ELSIE: What for?

LOU: Why, liking jazz music and whiling away my time in dens of iniquity. Among other things.

(LOU grins.)

LOU: What were you expecting? A nun, maybe?


LOU: Not a crazy white lady, that's for sure, huh?

ELSIE: Well... the whiskey's right.

LOU: That's enough.

ELSIE: So... what was it like in there?

LOU: That's a long story.

ELSIE: It'll kill the time 'til the band's next set.

LOU: Then I hope you can handle your whiskey, doll, because you'll be needing more of it.

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