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The skins we're in

It's funny to think how much your perception of the world is influenced by the particular skin you're in. And I mean that in a number of ways-- the experiences you've had, the way you interface with everything you encounter. And because all those things combine in a way that is unique to ever person, it makes for a shockingly disparate position each of us comes from.

I thought of this when I was in ballet class tonight, thinking of my particular circumstances that I deal with when I dance. I am frustrated by my slightly weak ankles and my unusually inflexible knees; they're not conducive to making one a great dancer. But as I struggled, I couldn't help but think that as challenging as it was for me, I likely had fewer things to overcome than most women in that class-- I am young, fit, and have few pains of any kind. I can't imagine what it must be like to live with any kind of chronic pain, but I do imagine it strongly affects how you go through life.

And I may never know what it's like to live like that. With chronic illness or pain. I've never experienced an accessibility issue. I don't take up much space. Having these things likely changes the way you live in a way I can't fathom. It strikes me because of just how much I may be ignorant of other people's perspectives. I can't necessarily rely on empathy. I have to summon compassion that doesn't come from being able to relate.


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