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Some up, some down

They released the list of semifinalists in the Final Draft Big Break screenwriting contest, and I am sad to say my Tailor script did not end up on the list. I am much more bummed about this fact than I expected to be. I mean, it had so many entrants that I figured my chances of making any progress at all weren't good, so I tried not to get my hopes up. But I was pretty happy with the edit I submitted, and when I made it to the Quarter Finals, I was really pleased and proud, so I guess I got my hopes up anyway. Pretty disappointed, I have to say, even though I know I was being silly to expect too much. But my teachers and classmates kindly pointed out that it being a Quarter Finalist is an achievement in itself, enough that I can add it as a credential on my writing resume and include it with the script if I submit anyplace else. Which had not really occurred to me. That's definitely a nice thing, and something to be proud of. I'm still disappointed, but I'm trying to look at that upside of things.

Boeing-Boeing closes today. We have our last "matinee" (in quotes because it's so late) at 4 and then we tear down the set. I'm really happy to have been part of it and that it went so well-- it's been a fun show to do with a fun role for me, plus it's had good-sized audiences every night. It's really good to have had to have had this and Tom Sawyer: The Musical, the immediately previous show, go so well. That makes me feel good. I'm also glad that it's winding down now, as it's been a pretty exhausting week. I'll be happy to have more time again, if only to be able to get back to regular writing on this blog!

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