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Excellent prop design

Just wanted to share the details of the most important props from Boeing-Boeing, the flight bags carried by us airline stewardesses. 'Cause they're really neat!


They posed a bit of a problem at first because we'd been hoping to rent them, but it turned out not to be as easy (or affordable) as we'd hoped. So I ended up going to Savers in Framingham and picking out three workable handbags. I looked up what they were supposed to look like on the Internet. The sort of pill-shape of the blue one was about right for Alitalia, and the TWA one is vaguely squarish like this and also mostly red with white lettering, but otherwise I couldn't really match them. I just decided to make them look nice, and coordinate with our colors for the audience's ease of recognition. The Lufthansa bag is the least accurate in shape and color, but it looks cool because it's such a fabulous handbag. I'm pretty happy with what I picked. I tied our scarves on them as well, to show how nicely we coordinated them with our colors.

Not bad, huh? But what makes them really special is the paint job. My costar Laura, who played Gretchen the German, was responsible for that. She painted the TWA, Alitalia, and Lufthansa logos beautifully, which really gave them personality and the final touch they needed. So we pulled these props together on our own quite nicely, and each bag only cost twelve or fifteen dollars each. 


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Oct. 23rd, 2013 07:36 pm (UTC)
Those look fantastic! And the recognizability for the audience and the practical approach definitely outweigh perfect accuracy to me.
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