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The Late Mrs. Chadwick recorded!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, The Late Mrs. Chadwick was included earlier in the month in an evening of Halloween-themed audio dramas similar to presentations as made by local group PMRP. It was called A Grisly Feast and it was presented by Small Fish Radio Theatre in Chicago. I just received word that the recording of the live performance is now available to be downloaded on the Internet!

It came out quite nicely, I think, and in fact I enjoyed the entire recorded evening, which included clever poems, song parodies, and amusing stories along with the short plays like Chadwick. The presentation also included a great piece by a classmate of mine in my playwriting program at Lesley, "Beneath the Window" by Richard Ballon! So definitely a fun, creepy, funny show.

If you would care to listen to it, you can go to the website and stream it. Here's a direct link to the player.

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