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Why did I write fan fic all of a sudden?

Got a lot of writing done today, which I'm extremely pleased about. I worked on several ten minute plays, and expanded a number of theatrical scenes I've been working on. I'm planning on having some friends read them aloud this coming week, so I'm trying to get them into shape for that.

But, for some reason, as the evening drew on, the mood struck me to work on something else. I actually picked up that fan fiction I started in September of last year, the first one I'd worked on in ages, based on this scene from 31 Plays in 31 Days 2012. It's a short fic where Captain America finally goes and visits Peggy Carter after the events of The Avengers, after a separation of seventy years where he hasn't aged a day. I guess I was inspired to pick it up again when I saw this screenshot of an age-makeup-wearing Hayley Atwell, since I'm very excited that an aged Peggy is supposed to appear in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Frankly my story is so soppy it's almost embarrassing. And I just pounded it out in a couple of hours just now. And I don't write literary prose very often anymore, having focused instead on plays and screenplays. But it's good to keep my prose muscles in good tone. And hell, any writing I'm doing is better than no writing at all. So I'll take it.

If you care to read my very, very schmoopy Cap fic, I posted it here to my mostly long-disused account on An Archive of Our Own. I may even toss it into the Pit of Voles as well, just for kicks. I guess once a fangirl, always a fangirl.

Now I must hide in shame from my own squishiness.

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