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Sign up plan for Intercon N

Intercon schedule is up! Now it's time for all the good little larpers to make their sign up plans.

I am running Resonance and Break a Leg this year, on Saturday night and Sunday morning respectively. I hope, if you have yet to play these games, you might consider signing up.

First round signup is going to be probably Cirque du Fey on Saturday afternoon. Anandi's games are always great, and this looks awesome. I imagine, however, that people will be fighting for it, so if I get shut out, I might go for The Bloody Harvest of Pomona instead, an ancient Roman game with a cultist twist.

With those three slots already taken care of, I really want to play only one more game. Friday night makes the most sense, but honestly none of the things I really really wanted to play were slotted here. Can anybody make any recommendations? I hate to not have a Friday game.

As a note, I am also on the writing team for Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council for the Mad Arts and Sciences on Sunday, though due to Break a Leg I won't be GMing. That should be some funny silly steampunky fun, so you might sign up for that as well. :-)


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Nov. 24th, 2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
I think Resonance is my first pick. I'm unusually good at spawn camping, so I think I can get in even if it fills fast :)

I'm really hoping to also make it into Privy Council, but I have the feelings slots may go fast.
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