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One more circuit workout a week

Since my new job makes it so I can no longer attend Wednesday morning ballet class (boo!), I've decided I am going to add on an extra appointment with the trainer at that little gym I've been attending on High Street in Waltham, Synergy Personal Fitness Training. It costs almost the same amount for a session as it does for a ballet class, so it won't make a big difference in my budget, but it will keep me exercising just as often. In fact, it's a pretty intense workout they put you through, so it may mean I will be be working out harder overall for the week.

Even going there once a week the way I have been for the last year has made a huge difference in my strength and fitness level, particularly in my arms. They look more toned than they ever have, and I am now ridiculously strong for my admittedly modest size. And even though it hasn't done quite enough to make my abs more VISIBLE (grumble grumble), they are even crazier-strong than they were before. I can easily do fifteen sit ups while holding a forty-five pound weight on my upper body, and I can even do a few if I go as heavy as SIXTY-- which is OVER HALF MY BODYWEIGHT. Super proud of myself for that. Still can't see the damn things, but at least I know they're there.

I wish I were better at making myself exercise on my own, especially since it would be more cost-effective. But with the current amount of stress and busyness in my life, having a class or appointment has been the easiest way to get myself off my ass and get a workout in. I'm sorry to miss a ballet class, as I really want to continue developing that skill, and I haven't been good at practicing on my own lately. But at least I'll still be ensuring a serious workout.


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