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First Thanksgiving at my place

My parents are driving in from Allentown today, to spend their first-ever Thanksgiving at my house instead of me coming down to there. With my new job I couldn't get off the time to travel, and my brother has to work Thanksgiving proper, so they figured they'd just come up here and get the chance to see us anyway. They'll even be staying with me at my house, since both my roommates will be out of town. That took a lot of convincing, because they are both overwhelmingly polite and rather private. They think it's bad manners for grown people to stay at their kid's house when the kid has roommates that they can get in the way of, so they thought that they would probably be better off in a hotel. And since mine will be away, I'm glad I convinced them to not spend the money. I cleaned the place from top to bottom, but I'm sure they're worrying about every little thing. They'll probably bring their own towels and things like that, because apparently they refuse to believe that my house has any stuff of any kind. :-P

This also means we'll be cooking Thanksgiving in my kitchen. While I've certainly cooked my share of large meals at this point, and I even recently learned how to make a turkey, I hope that my equipment is up to the job. I can see my parents getting frustrated if they don't think that they have everything they need there. But it will probably be okay.

Thanksgiving is always very low-key holiday for my family. We never have company, it's only just ever been the four of us as an excuse to be together and wear pajamas all day. It's been basically exactly the same since I was a little kid. Honestly I like how chill it is, it means we never have holiday drama. But with this weirdness around plans-- and some back and forth about whether Bernie and possibly his family would plan something with us --is the closest we've ever come. Our families are staying separate, for a lot of reasons but mostly because they keep kosher and it's easier this way, but deciding that was a little more awkward than I realized.

Ah, well. Everything will work out. It'll be nice to be together and eat nice things.

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