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After first-round Intercon signups

Intercon is now open for game signups, allowing all paid members to register for their first game. As all old hands know, when the gates are thrown open at 7PM there is a rush to get into everyone's first-choice game, and there's always a handful of things that fill up within seconds. You can be shut out easily if you're not fast enough. Sadly, due to horrible Thanksgiving travel traffic, I was in the car still on my way home at 7 last night, and so I was too late to get into my first pick, Cirque du Fey. I expected it to be one of the hot games, so bad luck for me. I ended up going with my second choice in that time slot, The Bloody Harvest of Pomona, and ancient Roman gave with cultist activity. I'm a bit disappointed, but I'll like that game too, so no big deal.

Also, I am pleased and proud to see that Resonance was among the games that filled immediately. It's not excessively small, and it's on something like its fifth run, but apparently it is still enough of a draw! That makes me feel good. It's also a bit of consolation for the fact that I'm going to be missing Blackfyre Rising, the Song of Ice and Fire game, again because it's running in the same timeslot.

I was pretty stuck, however, as to what to choose for Friday night. For some reason nothing was grabbing me. But I'm on bidcom, and there are still a handful of events coming it. It looks like a neat game from previous Intercons called A Turn on the Radiance Rose, a game set in the late twenties on a train. I like the period flavor and the history incorporated, so that will solve my Friday dilemma nicely. If I'm playing Bloody Harvest and Radiance Rose, plus running Resonance and Break a Leg, that will be a very nice Intercon for me.

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