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Massage and stretching

katiescarlett29 suggested getting massages at a local massage school, because going to students meant that they'd be cheaper. It was a great suggestion, as we got thirty-dollar forty-five minute massages that were really very nice. The therapist I had said my tissues were very clean and healthy, which I was very curious about; I guess physical issues in the joints and muscles is something they are trained to perceive when they touch you. I work out a lot and dance ballet and I'm often slightly sore, so I was very glad to hear that everything felt proper-- no misalignment, no scar tissue, no anything. The only problem detected, interestingly, was in my left hip. While most of the massage was fairly gentle and straightforward, when he got to my hip he really dug in, so much so that it was almost painful. Apparently my flexor on that side was much tighter than on the right, and the difference in pressure he used on it compared to on the rest of me was rather shocking. That was very interesting to me because I always feel when I'm dancing that I can never manage to get quite enough of a stretch in my hips. They are much more flexible than most people's but I think because of that the standard stretches usually done for hips, such as butterfly, are too easy for me and don't actually do anything to stretch them. Afterward I really did feel loosened up. I will definitely go back sometime, since I felt so good afterward and it really wasn't too expensive.


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