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Tiny not-crock test #1

Tested out my tiny not-crock pot. As several people suggested, I put water in it to see what it would do. When I first plugged it in (it has neither power switch nor temperature control) there was soon a worrying scent of burning plastic. I got nervous and unplugged it. Still, I didn't want to give up, so I tried it again. I guess all that plastic burned up the first time, because the smell didn't come back. :-) With the lid on and some time, it was not able to boil the water, but brought it up to a consistent point where steam rose up from the surface.

I also tried, rather clumsily, to melt some chocolate in it for the purposes of dipping fruit and marshmallows. I probably went about it totally wrong-- everyone says fondue-type things are much harder to execute than you'd first think --just putting some heavy cream and some chocolate morsels into the crock. They did melt eventually, and there was no burning or boiling or anything, but they didn't mix up smoothly. I probably should have heated the cream first on its own and then added the chips, or something. But I find this encouraging. I think it will be possible to make melty-things in this with a little process tweaking. 


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