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Heard from McKinney Rep finally

Grump grump grump. It has been a grumpy day. A bad mood has mad a handful of small irritating things get under my skin much more than they should have.

Something good did happen today. I finally heard from the McKinney Repertory Theater again, the ones who are putting on a staged reading of Mrs. Hawking in March. They asked me for a summary and my bio, in which I included a link to the Mrs. Hawking website. I'd been worrying they'd forgotten about it. :-P This is good. I'm hoping that the reading happening will get people beyond my little sphere interested enough to go to the site. I wish they'd update their website already, though, so I could link and refer to it. Trying to get an answer on when that will happen.

I need to have more things like that happening for that purpose. My script submission rate has been way done lately; I tend to be either good about submitting a lot or good about writing a lot, but not both at the same time. I have to fix that. Only a high rate of submission will increase my chances of getting anything put on, so best get on that.

But it's nice to know I've got something potentially beneficial coming up.  


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Jan. 9th, 2014 02:43 am (UTC)

Good things are happening, even if they're happening slowly. :)
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