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More time for writing

Now that I've finished costuming for Top Girls (leaving only strike at the end of the run), I am glad to have something taken off my plate. I think I will not be making any commitments to any outside activities other than working on GHOSTSHOW for a while. I don't want to be obligated to anything else I have to travel to or show up for at scheduled times so I can spend more long stretches of time writing. Though I've been doing a pretty decent job keeping myself constantly generating work, I have a lot of projects I still want to bring into existence. My current list is as follows:

Adding a subplot to Vivat Regina
The script for the 1920s jazz club speakeasy musical
Her Eternal Majesty's Privy Council game with Alleged Entertainment for Intercon
A new larp of my own
Sundan, my pseudo-Shakespeare play

That's quite a lot. Unfortunately I have a hard time making meaningful progress when writing if I have an hour here or an hour there; instead I need a good long chunk of time to get into a flow before I can really make headway. Having fewer appointments on my schedule will facilitate that. Not the most convenient way to work, but I've found that fighting against my brain wastes much more time than just working with my quirks.

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My name is Phoebe. I'm Boston area theater professional and English professor focused in writing, acting, directing, and modeling. I'm known for having lots of interests, lots of opinions about those interests, and a very high estimation of the value thereof. This blog is for talking about whatever's on my mind, from my daily life to my activities to musing on any number of abstract topics. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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MRS. HAWKING part 2 and 3

at the Watch City Steampunk Festival 2016

presented by The Chameleon's Dish

Vivat Regina
by Phoebe Roberts

at 2PM


Base Instruments
by Phoebe Roberts

at 6PM

Saturday, May 13th 2017
at 274 Moody Street, Waltham, MA

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"The Tailor at Loring's End" screenplay
Quarter Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition 2013

"Adonis" screenplay
Top Ten Percent in the Bluecat Screenwriting Contest 2015

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