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Costuming for A Turn on the Radiance Rose

My dress for A Turn on the Radiance Rose arrived!

I used my usual trick of searching on eBay for a dress with the appropriate style for the period. I did a lot of research for the right look, both for this and because I'll be costuming a production of Chicago for this spring. I actually had a bit of a tough time finding this one. I wanted something very fancy, bright and beaded, but all the best options were way out of my price range. I also wasn't sure about the sizing for period-appropriate silhouette reasons. You'll notice that the fit is a touch baggy, certainly looser than I usually like. My personal aesthetics tend to a much more form-fitting silhouette. But in the 1920s the preferred shape was very lean and straight up and down. Representative design details are drop waists and a completely undefined bodice-- the breasts are as obscured as possible. So I picked a dress probably one size too big for me to make my shape seem very straight. It's a hard silhouette to wear, as it hides the definition in the waist and can make one look tubular. Even the very lean women who wear them on Downton Abbey look a little on the boxy side. It's also kind of an unusual color, this blend of sea blue and peach. Not to my usual tastes, but it's certainly eye-catching and interesting, which I tend to look for when I costume for larps. If I need a dress for a game, I always go for colorful and attention-grabbing if I have a choice. I am reasonably happy with this look, especially the drapey detail on the bodice. The color and the fit combine to mean it's probably not my most flattering look, but I think I look nice for the purpose.

I also have a rhinestone tiara I ordered still on its way. All that remains now is to figure out how to style my long hair in such a way as would be appropriate for the 1920s, when short styles like the bob were fashionable, and the right shoes. I think some nude heels of some kind would be right; too bad my character shoes are black instead of tan. Hoping I can find an appropriate thrift store option that won't be too difficult to wear.


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Feb. 14th, 2014 06:54 pm (UTC)
What size shoe do you wear? I have a pair of nude heels I can loan you if you're a size 8 or so.
Feb. 18th, 2014 03:05 pm (UTC)
I LOVED that game. Hands down the best gaming experience I've ever had. The only game that, in game, got me so emotional I cried. I rarely cry at movies or books etc, and in larps... Nothing could get EB emotional enough to do anything but fake sobbing. At least till that game. (Of course every run is different I played with a set of people that really pushed the emotions) Don't worry too much about colors and details. The game is played in a very low light room. (Or was in my run) where lots of fake candles were the only lighting. Who are you playing?
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