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The stuff I haul around

I used to travel really light when I went out. Wallet, phone, keys, and maybe iPod, each one in one of my four jean pockets. But when I got an iPhone it was too big to easily fit in a pocket anymore, so against my preference I started carrying a bag. And when I started carrying a bag, I started carrying more stuff in it, because stuff expands to fit the size of its container. :-P It took me a long time to find the sort of bag that both suited me functionally and aesthetically enough to overcome my distaste of extra luggage to haul around and keep track of. Right now I use a small black leather backpack that I bought in a thrift store last October. After wrecking my brown leather shoulder bag, nothing else really seemed to serve for daily convenience, so I bought this, and I think it's finally the appropriate look and style for my needs.

On a typical day, it contains:

- My iPad, with its magnetic Bluetooth keyboard
- My to do book, a moleskin notebook with my endless to do lists in it
- My current writing notebook, which right now has an old-fashioned map of the world on it and was a gift from Bernie's parents
- My clutch wallet, red crocodile leather
- My ballet shoes, the nice new pink ones Mom gave me for Christmas, so I never forget them when I have to go straight from work to class
- My lunch, usually leftovers from last night, in Tupperwares wrapped in plastic bags to prevent spilling
- A hairbrush with a hair band wrapped around the handle
- A tube of hand lotion, to deal with dry winter skin
- A reusable shopping bag, folded up inside a little tube-shaped case
- An orange highlighter, for marking off completed tasks in the to do book
- Assorted pens

I used to carry more things. My prescription sunglasses, for example, and a little case with, like, coins and lip balm and supposedly useful cards. But changing from my regular glasses to the sunglasses is enough of a hassle that I never bothered, and I never remembered to use anything in the case, so I quit carrying them to lighten up on the junk I hauled around with me. Sometimes I bring a charger cable, but not always. I honestly kind of hate stuff as a concept, so I'd like to be burdened by as little as possible. But I'm finding that this is about the right amount of I need to have with me to be prepared for my daily life. So I guess I need to undertake the arduous effort it takes to keep track of my own damn stuff. :-P

About Me

My name is Phoebe. I'm Boston area theater professional and English professor focused in writing, acting, directing, and modeling. I'm known for having lots of interests, lots of opinions about those interests, and a very high estimation of the value thereof. This blog is for talking about whatever's on my mind, from my daily life to my activities to musing on any number of abstract topics. Thanks for taking the time to read.

My productions:

Upcoming Productions:

MRS. HAWKING part 2 and 3

at the Watch City Steampunk Festival 2016

presented by The Chameleon's Dish

Vivat Regina
by Phoebe Roberts

at 2PM


Base Instruments
by Phoebe Roberts

at 6PM

Saturday, May 13th 2017
at 274 Moody Street, Waltham, MA

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"The Tailor at Loring's End" screenplay
Quarter Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition 2013

"Adonis" screenplay
Top Ten Percent in the Bluecat Screenwriting Contest 2015

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