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Big games for Festival of the Larps 2014!

The website is now live for Fiesteval, Festival of the Larps 2014!

We need lots of games, and we need them soon. A message from inwaterwrit, our lovely con chair:

"To guarantee your accepted game is on the schedule when the schedule is first posted, please make sure your bid is submitted no later than Friday, March 7.

If your bid reaches us after that, your accepted game will still be on the schedule before signups if your bid is in no later than Friday, March 14.

After the schedule is posted, the sooner you bid, the faster we can accept and schedule your game! If your bid is accepted after the 14th, we may not be able to post your game to the schedule until after signups have opened."

I myself have already bid two things. One of them is Break a Leg, my short humorous dysfunctional theater troupe game. But the other one will be ENTIRELY NEW. The blurb:

"For centuries the British aristocracy set the standard for civilized living in the western world. By 1915, the house of Edward Bellamy, Earl of Brockhurst, finds itself extinct in the male line and the inheritance has fallen to earl's eldest daughter Claudia. This year's Servant's Ball held at Brock Hall has become the social event of the season, drawing all manner of parties interested in the future of the earldom. But as they struggle to uphold the foundations of their traditions, the world around them is changing. The rising middle class is challenging the supremacy of the old order, and the outbreak of the Great War threatens to shake the lives of everyone, from the most exalted nobles to the humblest of their servants. Theirs may be a culture of elaborate manners and ceremony, but times of strife will tear through the polite facade to the complicated workings within.

Brockhurst is a highly social, low-mechanics larp based mostly around narrative roleplay involving family secrets, social upheaval, historical politics, and interpersonal maneuvering. There will be opportunities for dancing as well as some characters to be involved in war-themed strategic challenges. Inspired by the PBS television series Downton Abbey, Brockhurst is the game of high society manners and intrigue set against the picturesque background of a British earldom in the time of the First World War."

AREN'T YOU EXCITED? Of course you are.

Help me make this con the most fabulous it can be and bid your game!


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