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Should I post Vivat Regina already?

Been thinking about mrshawking.com lately, and wondering whether or not to post Vivat Regina, the second Mrs. Hawking story and most recently finished script. Vivat Regina is in about its fourth revision at this point and is pretty solid, so it could go up. I like the idea of showing solid evidence of its serial nature as well.

There's only thing that gives me pause, and I'm not certain it's worth worrying over. Ideally, I would like to have a public reading of it sometime in the near future. I submitted it for consideration for Theater@First's Bare Bones reading series in the most recent round, which you may remember held a reading of the original Mrs. Hawking in April of last year. I would really love it if it gets accepted this time, as I'd love to have that event to stimulate interest in the property, especially since I can direct people to the website now.

My thought had been to post the script right after the reading happened-- so as, I suppose, not to spoil it for the general public before then. But I'm not sure if that really matters one way or the other. People reading it might not necessarily mean they won't be interested in hearing a staged reading of it. And of course it might not get accepted at Bare Bones. It's probably not a good idea to delay indefinitely if there won't be a reading any time soon. I should get it up there, for proof of the serial concept, to enrich the website, and to allow people who might be interested in it to read it. But if maybe by good fortune I do get to put it up with the next Bare Bones, I should just wait until after then? So maybe wait for the results and find out if I got in and then decide?

That's probably what I'll do. It probably won't hurt either way. Just want to do the best by the project, and struggling to really know what that is.

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