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My first game of the weekend was Saturday morning, Midsummer Mischief run by lisefrac and electric_monk.

I had a lot of fun in this game. I played Constance Keeble, the horrible sister of Lord Emsworth, and it was a perfect cast. I am by nature a mean, nasty person, and I was carrying a lot of rage and frustration from the previous week, so the opportunity to be the bad guy who was awful to everyone was very welcome. I wore a slightly outdated costume that was more of a look for the teens rather than the twenties, with a big hat and a horrible mink stole I found in a thrift store.

I had goals and things—mostly about controlling my unruly, embarrassing family so that they wouldn’t marry poor people — but I was much more interested in simply being this character. So I stomped around ranting at people, criticizing their behavior, and loudly bemoaning the distinct vein of idiocy that ran inexorably through the Threepwoods. I’ve been reading the Blandings books quite a bit lately, so I knew the tone, and was particularly pleased to see people nailing the portrayals of their characters. Favorite people to interact with included were oakenguy as my dear brother Clarence Threewood, ninth earl of Emsworth, who got his Lordship’s pleasant vagueness exactly; witticaster’s hilarious nailing of the Honorable Freddie’s unique speaking cadence; Hyde’s perfect and slightly creepy Efficient Baxter; zapf’s mix of loyal devotion and acid bitterness in Beach; lightgamer’s getting Galahad Threepwood’s accent and biting wit dead-on. Favorite moments: detailing the fate that awaited Beefy Bingham if he married my niece; to wit, that he would forever commingle his bloodline with the Threepwood font of idiocy. Telling Gally that his monocle gave his face the nastiest expression, to hear in return that he preferred it to my hat with the aspect of a runaway fruit stand. Backhanded sniping with my sisters played by in_water_writ and ninja_report. Forgetting the names of the nobodies my blasted nieces and nephews were marrying, and so referring to them as Shiftless Peasant and Backalley Slattern. I also enjoyed instructing Huxley, the horrible little boy hilariously played by Nick, to find the air gun and shoot one of my irritating relatives, I didn’t care which.

I had a lovely, light, silly, frothy time, and it helped raise my mood from the exhaustion and frustration brought on by all the work to get Brockhurst ready to go for its first run. Thanks to Lise and Matt for being so good as to run it for us!


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Apr. 28th, 2014 05:53 pm (UTC)
I'm sad I missed most of these wonderful exchanges! Reading the one about the runaway fruit stand made me guffaw quite indecorously. And oh dear, I'm speaking Wodehouse again...

So glad you had fun. It's so much easier to run than any of my games, so maybe I'll do it again sometime!
Apr. 28th, 2014 07:10 pm (UTC)
Oh, also... Matt is electric_d_monk :) Dunno who this other fellow is...
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