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Balancing the old body out

I think something's out of order with the physical state of the Phoebe, and I'm not quite sure how it got that way. I know my exercise has lately not been running along the frequent and regular schedule I'd endeavored to get it on in the last year. Obligations and traveling has caused me to miss around one workout a week for the past month or two, and I worry I'm getting softer because of it. My eating habits have definitely not been great; there's been way too much junk and not enough vitamins.

At the same time, I keep getting hit by waves of nausea and weakness like you get when you haven't eaten enough. But I feel like I've been eating as much as I always do, and my level of physical of activity certainly hasn't increased over my usual, though admittedly high, level. I know that my diet hasn't been particularly balanced lately-- I think I've been having too much in the way of carbs, sugar, and protein and not enough vegetables --but while that would definitely make me feel worse, I don't think the result of it should be to make me feel weak like not eating at all.

I've also punked out by the end of my workout on two recent occasions. I usually hit a wall by the end of ballet class and just sort of struggle through until the end, but in the last couple of times I've felt particularly floppy, and it even happened at the end of a circuit workout, which is a half-hour shorter than a ballet class. I hate feeling that way; I think I despise the feeling of being physically exhausted even more than being in pain.

After this week is over, and I no longer have to work runtime for the production of Chicago I'm costuming, I think I will have to carefully regiment my eating. Make sure fruit and vegetables become a priority, and drink lots of water. See if it makes a difference. 


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May. 14th, 2014 04:57 pm (UTC)
If you're successfully building muscle, your energy use will go up. Also, if you're not getting enough calories and protein, your exercise and fitness gains will plateau (this can even include, counter-intuitively, gaining fat). This is a very common problem for women who are trying to watch their weight and exercise. I don't know if it's your issue, but it's a thing to be aware of.
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