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Took the plunge and started watching Orange Is the New Black, and I am fascinated. It is really well-written and multidimensional, and I love the vast array of characters and stories depicted. Sophia’s scenes are my favorite, and their writing combined with Laverne Cox’s acting make her my favorite character. I do struggle with a gross-out reaction to the body fluid stuff, but it’s worth it. I’m only like five episodes in, but I can’t wait to know what happens next.

From a technical standpoint, one of the things I find most fascinating about the way it’s put together is how it’s building up a huge cast of characters that move in and out of the spotlight as needed to tell different stories. Like, everybody is in the prison and therefore possibly available to be involved in the plot, and they do such a good job of making everybody interesting that it’s exciting to see what combinations of players will be explored at any given point. I really love the idea of writing in an environment like that. It’s almost larpy in its way, lots of protagonists with various plot threads all in a circumscribed setting, though the story exploration doesn’t have a set roster of who those protagonists always are. I’d love to try writing under circumstances like that. I guess my extended universes are sort of like that, but an entire world like that has less of an immediate feel. Also it provides less of an opportunity to make background characters truly interesting enough to be worthy of sometimes rotating into the forefront.

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