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I probably should wait 'til I know it's well and truly in the can, but I'm just so jazzed I don't feel like it. I think I finished my Adonis screenplay for contest submission! Woohoo!

Currently it's sent to Bernie to look over for final approval. If he has any comments, we'll see if there are any edits (only small ones at this point) we still need to make. I am determined to finish those, if any, tonight so I can submit it. I feel really good about it, I think we really made it work and told a strong story.

It clocked in at 103 pages, which as I mentioned was shorter than I expected, given that this would probably work out to be a two-hour movie. The pacing seems to have worked out, though, if I gauge it at least roughly against the screenplay structure promulgated in the book Save the Cat, currently the most popular form one sees produced today. Our last act is a touch short, but again, I think the pacing still works, as it has a feel of hurtling toward a conclusion. It's an action movie-- sort of a Gladiator-meets-Hunter Games, which is how I'd pitch it to a studio --so I think that sense of everything growing faster and more intense is appropriate. Not to mention the fact that the action sequences will pad out the length.

I'm really excited for Bernie to read through it for the last time. I think we're there. And I can't wait to send it in.


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