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31 Plays in 31 Days, #3 - "Companion"

To those of you who have seen Downtown Abbey, you may remember the time Mary was considering going to America with her lady's maid Anna to escape a scandal back home. She didn't do it, but I always thought that would make an excellent TV show. Someday I'd like to write it.

Today's scene is brainstorming for that. Elise Charnmore, the sister of Melinda Charnmore the PC in Brockhurst, would be my girl going to Newport to get away. Here's a bit of thought of what it's like when she gets there.

By Phoebe Roberts

ELISE CHARNMORE, niece to the earl of Brockhurst
DAISY MARCOTTE, daughter to the secretary of an American magnate

Newport, RI, 1914

ELISE: Good afternoon. Daisy Marcotte, I presume?

DAISY: So you’re here.

ELISE: Ah… yes. My name is Elise Charnmore—

DAISY: Yes. I know.

ELISE: I suppose my Aunt Eleanor told you to expect me.

DAISY: Yes, she informed me of my duties.

ELISE: Your… duties.

DAISY: As your companion, while you wait out the storm of public opinion in England. I am to keep an eye out that you are kept out of any further trouble until such time as you’re fit to return under more respectable circumstances.


ELISE: Have I done something to offend you, Miss Marcotte? I cannot imagine how, seeing as I’ve only been in your presence a few moments.

DAISY: Do you think I should be pleased?

ELISE: I don’t know that you should be displeased. You don’t know me.

DAISY: Don’t I?

ELISE: No, you don’t.

DAISY: I know that you conducted yourself in such a manner that you were obliged to flee your country in disgrace. That’s all that is of consequence.

ELISE: And do you think that I am any gladder? I don’t need a nursemaid.

DAISY: Your aunt seems to think you do, and so I am the pack mule to be saddled with the libertine from London.

ELISE: Watch what words you speak to me!

DAISY: Don’t act so high and mighty when you’re kept here by your betters’ pity.

ELISE: I was told you were a respectable girl. Is your virtue so fragile that the likes of me is enough to break it?

DAISY: You’re no more than the canker in the blossom, and damned if you don’t corrupt everything you touch. Understand this, girl— if you drag my good name down with the touch of your ignominy, you won’t be glad of it.

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