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Today's piece is a continuation of "Beloved Monster," the strange little one I wrote at the end of 31P31D 2012. I was looking through my previous year's entries and came across that one, which inspired me for this one. It's not particularly dramatic, not something I could turn into a more complete work, but I like the melancholia reflectiveness of it.

Never Really Here
By Phoebe Roberts


(THE MAID sits alone. THE BEAST approaches silently behind her.)

BEAST: You don’t call me around as often as you used to.

MAID: I never thought that would happen.

BEAST: Maybe it’s for the best.

MAID: Maybe. Probably.

BEAST: But even now, you think of me from time to time.

MAID: I do. Sometimes I even miss you.

BEAST: You always missed me. You had to, since I was never really here.

MAID: That’s why it’s good that you’re not always on my mind anymore.

BEAST: But you still miss what I meant to you.

MAID: It’s stupid, I know. God, how I suffered for you.

BEAST: I’m sorry about that.

MAID: As you said. You were never really here. You… you never really loved me in return.


MAID: But I remember how I felt. The intensity, the fire. And I never felt that way about anything, or anyone, else.

BEAST: Does that make you sad?

MAID: A little. But you know, I got a lot in trade. I have things now that I could never have with you. It’s only… I’m a little sorry for him.

BEAST: You’re good to him. And he knows you love him.

MAID: That’s true… but I know in my heart it’s still not what I felt for you.

BEAST: It’s not that simple.

MAID: Of course not. What he and I have is real, and mature, and the sort of thing built to last in the world and through the realities of life. There is a weight and shape to that that I can hold onto. But the fact remains. I know in my heart that no matter what, I will never love anyone the way I loved you.

BEAST: I’m sorry.

MAID: But that’s the whole trouble, isn’t it? You’re not sorry, or un-sorry. You don’t love me, or not love me. You can’t. Because you were never really here.

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