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Today's piece is also part of "Disgraced," my idea for a series about an upperclass English girl in 1914 who is forced to move with relatives in Newport, Rhode Island to escape the shame of a scandal and build a new life.

This piece takes place before "#3 Companion" when our hero Elise first arrives in her aunt's house.

No One Knows You Here
By Phoebe Roberts

ELISE CHARNMORE, niece to the earl of Brockhurst
ELEANOR HAVERHILL, her great-aunt

Newport, Rhode Island, 1914

(ELEANOR and ELISE sit in a luxurious parlor over tea. ELISE’s cup and plate sit untouched in front of her.)

ELEANOR: And are you all settled in?

ELISE: Rosaline’s still unpacking.

ELEANOR: Do you like your room?

ELISE: Oh, it’s lovely. Very large, and a great deal of light. And I do so enjoy the, uh… the persistent cherub motif in the décor.

ELEANOR: Thank you, dear. I chose it myself.


ELEANOR: Elise, we’re so happy to have you.

ELISE: Are you really, Auntie?

ELEANOR: Of course we are.

ELISE: You aren’t afraid I’ll bring shame upon your house?

ELEANOR: Elise! We needn’t talk about this.

ELISE: That’s why I’m here, isn’t it? Because none of my local relations wanted me darkening their doorsteps.

ELEANOR: You must understand, the circumstances are quite different there.

ELISE: They seemed to believe so.

ELEANOR: But you should be glad, my girl. In America, you won’t be troubled.

ELISE: And why is that?

ELEANOR: Why, no one knows you here, of course.

(ELEANOR’s head slumps to the side as she lapses into a narcoleptic sleep.)


(ELEANOR wakes again with a start.)

ELEANOR: What? What? Oh, Elise, dear. What were we talking about?

ELISE: Nothing, Auntie.

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