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I really want to work on Base Instruments, the next in the Mrs. Hawking series, but I feel like I know so little about how the plot happens at this point that I'm struggling a bit. I'm surprised, as I didn't feel like I was so much more solid on Vivat Regina at this time last year and I generated quite a bit of the interpersonal part of it. I guess I'm not sure how to represent a lot of thematic development without context yet. Ah, well, I'll just have to work on it and give it a shot.

This part comes after the other piece of Base Instruments I've written for the month so far, "#2 What If I Don't Want To?" One thing I do know I want to happen is that I want Clara to finally learn about Nathaniel's involvement in his aunt's work. I think she'll have perceived the signs that something has been going on for a while. Here's a rough draft of when she first confronts him. Not sure how they get into this moment, but hey, it's a first draft, and I can edit it for context later.

Haven't I Always?
by Phoebe Roberts

NATHANIEL HAWKING, nephew and assistant to Victoria Hawking

CLARA: I always considered myself so lucky. All of my friends, they are convinced their husbands keep things from them. Where they go, who they see. But not me. My Nathaniel wasn't like that. Not in nine years of marriage, not in the years I knew you before.

NATHANIEL: Clara, dear? What's this?

CLARA: Couldn't I count on that, Nathaniel? That you and I could trust one another?

NATHANIEL: Darling, you're frightening me.

CLARA: It doesn't feel like I thought it would feel. I could swear you were... still here, still with me. Not drifting off someplace I don't know about.

NATHANIEL: I am, love. Of course I'm still here with you.

CLARA: Still, something's changed.

NATHANIEL: Oh, Clara...

CLARA: You're away more than the you used to be. Longer hours at the office, and later nights. And more time than ever with Aunt Victoria.

NATHANIEL: You know what she means to me--

CLARA: I know, but she can hardly bear the company of anyone. How could you possibly be spending so much more time?

NATHANIEL: We've begun to-- grow closer-- she has need of me--

CLARA: And the excuses. Do you think I'm a fool and wouldn't notice?

NATHANIEL: You're never a fool.


CLARA: Justin thinks you're trysting with Auntie's maid.

NATHANIEL: He said that to you? Forgive me, but-- that bastard!

CLARA: So it's not true?

NATHANIEL: Of course it's not true! I-- my God, I could never, darling.

CLARA: I thought you could never keep anything from me either.

(Pause. NATHANIEL looks down, ashamed.)

NATHANIEL: It's nothing untoward, Clara. I swear it.

CLARA: I never really thought it was, Nathaniel. I believe I know you better than that. But... there is something.


CLARA: How could you keep something from me?

NATHANIEL I'm afraid you wouldn't understand.

CLARA: Nathaniel. We've known one another since we were practically children. Is that what you think?

NATHANIEL: It's... it's going to sound mad.

CLARA: I'm going mad not knowing!

(She gets a hold of herself.)

CLARA: Only tell me. Please, Nathaniel.

NATHANIEL: Truly, Clara? You'll believe what I tell you?

CLARA: Haven't I always?


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Aug. 11th, 2014 09:59 pm (UTC)
I continue to be really interested in the people with more connections to the "real world" and, in some ways, more humanity, being forced to confront these things. Similar to Mary's conflict, forcing Nathaniel to confront his wife's opinions of him suddenly seeming to disappear and pulling back from her because, aside from the actual time commitment, he's also pulling back because he's keeping secrets from her. And, you know, in a relationship that close, you can feel that.

This is, in a lot of ways, the thing I find most interesting about the Mrs. Hawking universe, the interaction of the "mortals" with the expectation of what they must become by being her protegee.

(Except for Mrs. Hawking's Moriarity/Lex Luther/what have you. I admit that she's my actual favorite. Frost, was it? :) )
Aug. 12th, 2014 06:20 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you're enjoying that! There's a fair bit of similarity to how superhero tales work here, and the intrusion of real life on pursuing hero responsibilities is always some of the most fascinating stuff to explore.

Thanks for always making such great comments. :-) I hope I can give you a bit more about Mrs. Frost soon too!
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