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So one of the most unexpected reactions I got to the Adonis script was the near universal question of "What happens next?" Pretty much everybody seemed to think that the ending was begging for sequels. While working on THAT cannot be a priority for a long while yet, of course bits and bob of ideas for it have come into my mind. Today's piece is some very, very early noodling on a character relationship for that.

[Spoilers for Adonis and for the future story idea.]Something that's important to me if this story goes on is that I want Aidan's road to recovery from his history as a rape survivor to be an ongoing process. He's not magically healed by love or purpose or whatever by the end of the first film. Separately from this, I know I would want the main antagonist for the next one to be a general who was on campaign but returns to take command of Rome against the slave revolt. And I had a vague idea that perhaps she could have been one of his old abusers from his past. I'm not a hundred percent set on that, but confronting her in that way could be an interesting way to demonstrate how Aidan's recovery is a process. Not sure yet just how it would work or how it would fit into the larger conflict, but here's some exploration of that. It's very rough-- the language that they would use is consistently difficult for me to nail down, but here goes.

I Have Weathered You All
by Phoebe Roberts

AIDAN, a former slave of Rome, now rebel leader
SATURNINA, a Roman general

SATURNINA: I remember you now. I remember you.

(She paces around him.)

SATURNINA: The Rhineland. In the ranks attached to the engineering corps. Your hair like the midday sun.


SATURNINA: How did I ever take my eye from you? I should have clapped a collar around your neck and pulled you by a chain wherever I went.


SATURNINA: Do you remember me? Beautiful as you are, you could not have known many like me.

AIDAN: They were all like you.

SATURNINA: Bold words from a slave.

AIDAN: I am not that slave anymore.

SATURNINA: I can see that. You're different now. I remember a downcast wretch with perfect skin who did just as he was told. Now you have scars, and you dare to look me in the eye.

(AIDAN stares at her coldly.)

SATURNINA: Look at you. Even in your rage you're a vision. Small wonder Diana can't bear to give you up.

AIDAN: You can't speak of her.

SATURNINA: It might be worth an empire just to possess such a creature. But you knew your business, as I recall. It did not take much to break you in. Tell me, what tricks has she wrung of you to make you earn your keep?

AIDAN: You don't frighten me.

SATURNINA: Have you forgotten who I am? Nations tremble at my name. I have broken you already. When I am through, you will beg me to make gentler use of you. You bent to me then and you will bend again.

AIDAN: I know what you are. You are just one more rapist. I have weathered you all.


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Aug. 13th, 2014 05:39 pm (UTC)
"Not to men like you."
"There are no men like me."
"There are always men like you."

Aug. 13th, 2014 05:44 pm (UTC)
Great artists don't borrow-- they steal!
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