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This piece is also part of "Disgraced," my idea for a series about an upperclass English girl in 1914 who is forced to move with relatives in Newport, Rhode Island to escape the shame of a scandal and build a new life.

This piece takes place after "#3 Companion," "#6 - No One Knows You Here," and "#7 Repute" but probably before "#10 Humiliated." Elise and Rosaline will be the two main characters of the series and, to up the drama and establish what their problems are, I like the idea that they don't get along at first and eventually become friends. I think this establishes that one of Elise's main problems is that she's so self-centered, which she'll have to move beyond. It's always interesting writing about a servant who has an issue with her mistress; since the servant can't speak too openly against someone of higher status, it makes for an interesting exercise in writing subtext. Which God knows I need lots of practice on.

Adventure Abroad
by Phoebe Roberts

ELISE CHARNMORE, niece to the earl of Brockhurst
ROSALINE BAY, her lady's maid

Newport, RI, 1914

(Early in the morning, ROSALINE creeps into ELISE's bedroom and begins to lay out clothes. ELISE turns in the bed to look at her.)

ELISE: You're early, aren't you?

ROSALINE: I'm sorry, miss. I'm still on London time. Did I wake you?

ELISE: No, same trouble here. Besides, can't sleep with all these cherubs staring at me.

(She sits up as ROSALINE returns to work. They are silent for a long time.)

ELISE: I suppose the place will take some getting used to.

ROSALINE: That's certain.

ELISE: All this splendid novelty, and of course I can't enjoy it. You're lucky, you know.

ROSALINE: Beg your pardon, miss?

ELISE: Well, you know. On an adventure abroad, not a care in the world.

ROSALINE: I wouldn't say that, miss.

ELISE: Oh, surely. You can do whatever you like. Hop a rail, chuck it all to the wind if you please. Nobody staring at you every moment like you've got a contagious disease. I envy you that.

ROSALINE: My mum wouldn't say so.

ELISE: Your mother?

ROSALINE: At home with my sister. She's not well, you see. Hasn't been for some time. She wasn't glad to see me go.

ELISE: Oh. Well, I'm sorry to hear it.

ROSALINE: I worry for her. Being so far away and all.

ELISE: She has your sister, though, doesn't she?

ROSALINE: That's so.

ELISE: So you needn't feel guilty if you had a little fun.

ROSALINE: They're still counting on me.

ELISE: All the way in Newport?

ROSALINE: Someone has to see the money makes it home.

ELISE: Ah. Well, better from here than from that dreary old fog.

ROSALINE: No one asked me, miss.

ELISE: What if I did now?

ROSALINE: Still, it doesn't matter one way or the other.

(She finishes laying out the clothes.)

ROSALINE: I'll see that the water's put on for your tea.

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