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Another bit of noodling for the eventual sequel to Adonis. I struggled with this one, as I knew the idea I wanted to get across but was having a really hard time representing it in the right manner.

One of the things I want to explore in these stories is the components of gaze, specifically female gaze, but really the workings and effects of gaze in general. The second story's plot will be about the building of their revolution against the establishment in Rome. Morna, being the master tactician that she is, realizes that she can cultivate people's fascination with Aidan as an incredibly beautiful popular hero in order to rally allies to their cause. This is in conflict, however, with the fact that Aidan has a very fraught, painful history with being the object of gaze. Balancing Aidan's personal issues with the pursuing of the cause makes for an interesting struggle to explore during the next movie. The words here aren't quite right, nor do I think I hit all the nuances-- should they protect Aidan more, is this value as a tactic too high, what's the cost, how are we torn, how much do our choices pain us, how much should we just trust him, blah blah blah. But like all these 31P31D pieces, I'm mostly just trying to explore the ideas and figure out where they need to go in order to be properly represented.

The Stuff of Their Dreams
by Phoebe Roberts

AIDAN, a former slave, now rebel figurehead
DIANA, former general of Rome, now rebel commander
MORNA, a former slave, now rebel mastermind

DIANA: They're coming. There are more every day. You've done well.

AIDAN: It's Morna's doing, not mine.

DIANA: It isn't Morna they're drawn to. Every eye is on you.

AIDAN: That is not new.


DIANA: It will not be like before. I promise you that.

AIDAN: It isn't that. Only that... this is my burden, isn't it?

DIANA: What's it like?

(At a loss, he shrugs and shakes his head.)

AIDAN: It seems too much, all for an accident of birth.

DIANA: Accident or no, it is extraordinary.

AIDAN: I've never lived in any other skin. I feel that I'm... only myself.

DIANA: You are extraordinary as well.

AIDAN: They don't see me. Only the image of a man they imagine I am. I suppose in this, however, it works to our advantage.

(AIDAN exits. DIANA watches him go as MORNA approaches behind her.)

DIANA: I hate using him for this.

MORNA: He understands what's needed of him.

DIANA: He's a man, not a battle standard.

MORNA: We all must make use of the assets we have. We've no hope of success without capturing public imagination. People will always look on that which is beautiful and read the stuff of their dreams in there.


MORNA: Were you any different?


DIANA: It is a great deal to live up to.

MORNA: Fortunately, that's the man that he is.


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Aug. 19th, 2014 03:57 am (UTC)
I was thinking about "where does female gaze exist in media?" (because, as discussed at the Adonis reading and elsewhere, most of media is designed toward the male gaze), and I think the most mainstream place is the CW (and the former WB). Which makes me kind of curious to read some of the scripts to see how/if it's written in (or if it's just understood from a direction and cinematography perspective).

I just find it really interesting that it's one of the few places that flips the typical script of "want to be the male character, want to have the female character" on its head. It is the place where the female gaze dominates.

(Also just from two sides of a business perspective: it is both the stablest network this year, barely messing with its schedule at all, and it has been consistently laughed out of consideration for awards that are not the Teen Choice Awards.)

I'm kind of just saying a lot of disjointed sentences here, and I may form it into some kind coherent whole later, but your discussions of gaze and the female gaze in media have made me really curious as to a) when and where it's "allowed," and b) what effect it has on the perception/existence of those places. So yay provoking thoughts!
Aug. 19th, 2014 03:30 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I provoked thoughts, particularly of this nature, as that was one of the goals of this project! And, as I've said, it's a topic with a huge personal interest, so seeing your musings here on it are very welcome to me!

Sadly, I think it's a bit telling that there is some correlation between female-gaze-heavy things and things that are not being taken seriously as an art in the medium. I want to challenge that SO HARD.
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