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Finally a new bit including Mrs. Hawking's Moriarty, Elizabeth Frost! Or rather Elizabeth Danvers, as this scene takes place when they were young together in the colonies. (Told you I'd try to include one, staystrong62805!)

This is intended for eventual use in the fourth story, which will deal in large part with flashbacks to Mrs. Hawking's origin story, her youth abroad, how she came to be married to the Colonel, and what turned her into the angry crusader for women's justice that she is today. What's fun about it is that when our hero was young, she was very different-- less disciplined, less honed, more a creature of reaction and emotion that did not fear the consequences of her actions. This much more callow Victoria didn't know how to strategize and weigh her choices to achieve the things she wanted; in fact, she relied on her slightly older friend and companion Elizabeth Danvers for that. This is a fun, fascinating dynamic to write because the older Mrs. Hawking is always the smartest, most capable person in he room, but here she's the supplicant, the one who needs someone else to bail her out of trouble.

In this scene, I don't know what crisis will have happened as I haven't figured out this story's full plot yet. But I like it as a moment for Elizabeth to tell Victoria what's what, because at this point our hero just doesn't get it. I hope it contributes to explaining why she turns out the way she does when we meet her as the honed, harden crime fighter that we know her as.

The Hand You've Been Dealt
by Phoebe Roberts

VICTORIA STANTON, daughter to the territorial governor
ELIZABETH DANVERS, her companion

British colonies, 1860

(ELIZABETH is in her bedroom, packing her belongings. VICTORIA bursts into the room in a panic.)

VICTORIA: Elizabeth! There you are!

ELIZABETH: What's come over you? You look a fright.

VICTORIA: I'm in trouble, Elizabeth. Father's discovered things, he means to put a stop to it all, I don't know what to do. And that soldier-- that Reginald-- I think he's begun to get all the wrong ideas--

(ELIZABETH rolls her eyes skyward in frustration.)

ELIZABETH: Oh, Victoria.

VICTORIA: You must help me! You must tell me what to do, tell me how-- tell me how to fix it!

ELIZABETH: Victoria, I can't.

VICTORIA: What do you mean, you can't!?

ELIZABETH: I can't help you this time.

VICTORIA: But that's what you do! You're so clever, you're cleverer than them all, cleverer than me! When things go wrong, you find some way for me to get out of them.

ELIZABETH: I can't do that anymore. I'm leaving.

VICTORIA: For where?

ELIZABETH: The outer provinces.

VICTORIA: For what possible reason? When are you coming back?

ELIZABETH: I'm not coming back, Victoria. I'm going to be married.


ELIZABETH: I've been considering offers for some time now, and I've made my choice. My uncle has given his consent. I will be married before the end of the season. His name is Frost. Dawson Frost. And he will be very agreeable to my interests.

VICTORIA: Why would you do that?

ELIZABETH: Haven't you heard a word that I've said to you? I can't batter myself against these four walls like you do, Victoria. I will make my way through the world by what means I can. And this is what means are open to me. Damned if I'm not going to take advantage of them.

VICTORIA: But... I need you.

ELIZABETH: You need to face the workings of the world. Or they will destroy you. And I cannot just stay here and protect you from your own follies. I have a life to live.

VICTORIA: Then... what am I to do?

ELIZABETH: Find some way to play the hand that you've been dealt. As I'm doing.


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Aug. 22nd, 2014 10:10 pm (UTC)
YAAAAY another Victoria-Elizabeth scene!! I always love these. I also really like that she sees herself as the less 'clever' of the two - how she looks up to Elizabeth here - i don't think i knew before that was part of their dynamic. I also love how it never occurred to her that getting married etc was even on the table for the likes of them. What a blow. I can really see how this would fuel her future bitterness and drive.
Aug. 25th, 2014 03:51 am (UTC)

I continue to love Elizabeth the most. I really lock the shocked feeling of pain from Mrs. Hawking in this. It's clear she idolizes Elizabeth and wants to be like her, and seeing Elizabeth bow to the Patriarchy in this unavoidable way is actively painful. And the semi-exasperation from Elizabeth who treats Victoria in this almost patronizing tone. As if all of Victoria's fighting was just some childish play that Elizabeth barely tolerated up until that point.
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