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THis is a scene for the far off-future, when I finally get to the sixth Hawking story, the one where they take on Jack the Ripper. I'm not sure if it will actually be useable-- since I don't know practically ANYTHING about this plot yet --but it's one I've kind of always wanted to include. Mrs. Hawking, in her pursuit of taking down the Ripper, goes to consult a person she feels like knows more than she's saying. I like the idea of never actually positively identifying that person, and seeing if the audience can tell who it's supposed to be. ;-)

Distinguished Matron in Widow's Weeds
by Phoebe Roberts

VICTORIA HAWKING, lady's society avenger
A MATRON, elderly, in widow's weeds

London, England, 1888

(A distinguished Victorian matron waits in a darkened room. After a moment, MRS. HAWKING drops from the ceiling in her mask and hood and lands in a crouch before her.)


MATRON: Still insisting on your ridiculous stealth, I see.

MRS. HAWKING: You know what my work entails.

MATRON: You are fortunate we even deign to see you, with all your conditions and terms.

MRS. HAWKING: You cannot afford to make an enemy of me.

MATRON: As you will not let us forget. But enough of this. What do you want?

MRS. HAWKING: I want his name.

MATRON: Whose name?

MRS. HAWKING: You know who I mean. This has gone too far.

MATRON: Why would you believe we were even privy to that information?

MRS. HAWKING: Because you do nothing. If you will not act to stop this beast, you must have a reason. You must know something.

MATRON: It is not so simple.

MRS. HAWKING: What then? Is it something to do with your blasted grandson?

MATRON: Have a care what you suggest, madam.

MRS. HAWKING: You permit a butcher of women to roam free in your own city!

MATRON: There is more at stake here than a few lost souls.

MRS. HAWKING: There is nothing more at stake than this!

MATRON: Madam, you will not raise your voice to us--

MRS. HAWKING: I want. His name.

MATRON: We do not know it to tell you!

MRS. HAWKING: Then what do you know? Tell me!


MATRON: If we tell you-- what do you mean to do?

MRS. HAWKING: End this.

MATRON: What does that--

MRS. HAWKING: End him.

MATRON: I can neither help nor protect you.

MRS. HAWKING: I have always done without that.

MATRON: This cannot come back to us. You must keep this in the dark.

MRS. HAWKING: As I said. You know how I work. Now, madam. Tell me what you know.

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Aug. 23rd, 2014 09:59 pm (UTC)
Neat idea, I like the idea of a shadowy power figure, but the "royal we" is kind of a giveaway...
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